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Select Nutrition
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Select Nutrition Services

Launched in 1999 by John Parker, Select Nutrition Services provides nutritional advice and supplementary products to livestock farmers in Momouthshire, Herefordshire and Powys. Following a farm visit, analysis of feeds available and discussion with the farmer a feed plan is formed. Where the farmer has his own cereals and pulses on the farm this may involve a visit from On Farm Feeds to process the feed.
Select Nutrition Services provide the supplements required. We offer a range of feed supplements including Zintec minerals, protein concentrates, protected fats and yeast supplements. Select Nutrition also markets the Cultech range of leading forage preservatives: Pharmor, Maizsile and Preservator.


Lameness is one of the greatest problems that faces sheep farmers. If sheep are to be farmed profitably then they need to make best use of grazed grass. When lame this is not possible. Lameness is a nutritional problem as well as bacterial. TendaHoof™ addresses both of these problems with one unique approach. TendaHoof™ originally launched in 2003 following development work at farm level by Aberystwyth University and is now used successfully on 1,000s of farms throughout the U.K.

Please contact John Parker on 0774 100 3738 or by email to to find out more.

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