The Federation of

Independent Agricultural Merchants

FIAM Membership

Benefits of FIAM Membership

Membership of FIAM offers all the benefits that come from being part of a large organization together with all the advantages associated with independence.

Benefits include exchange of ideas and access to wide ranging expertise within the membership. Most members are normally in regular communication with each other. Our access to many valuable contacts helps members to grow their businesses and shape their futures.

Membership brings the opportunity to share resources in a number of areas, such as researching and evaluating products. FIAM also provides support with legislative issues.

The membership meet several times per year to discuss a wide range of issues affecting members businesses, including such subjects as market conditions, legislation, feed assurance, new products, product development, nutrition, CAP reform, business development and operational efficiency. Meetings generally include both internal and outside speakers as well as general discussion.

Increasingly manufacturers are realizing that supplying their products through Independent Agricultural Merchants is a much more efficient, low cost route of reaching the market place than relying on large employed sales forces selling direct to farm.

FIAM's policy of avoiding excessive geographic overlap of trading areas avoids commercial conflict and engenders mutual trust, openness, understanding and support between members. This allows individual members to share resources and actively support other members to their mutual benefit.

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