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FIAM - who we are

FIAM was formed in 1999 to represent Agricultural Merchants working mainly in the Dairy and Livestock sector. We believe our independence from the major feed companies is vitally important to our customers.

Our customers set our agenda, we do not set theirs, this is why we feel that we provide an alternative view to that of the big agricultural suppliers.

Our main objective is:

"To deliver quality products to our farming customers through Independence and Cooperation"

FIAM Merchants can supply :

Dairy Beef and Sheep Feeds,
Yeast and Mineral Supplements, Silage Additives,
Nutrition Advice, Ration Planning,
Training and Consultancy, Silage Analysis,
Organic Feeds,Feed Blocks,
Calf Milk Replacers,
Agricultural Grass Seeds, Fertilisers,
Cereal Seeds, Maize Seeds, Forage,
Straight Feeds, Moist Feeds and Succulents,
Pressed Pulp, Brewers Grains, Liquid Feeds
and much more.........


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