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Envirosystems products

Your Specialists in Animal Bedding and Biological Additives for Slurry and Silage. Providing unique, environmentally friendly & sustainable solutions to farming and livestock management.

Manufacturers of 'EnviroBed', dairy cow bedding recycled from short fibre waste material produced in papermills. Being 94% dry matter it is exceptionally absorbent and hygienic, helping to reduce cell counts and incidence of mastitis .

'Optimize' the unique bacillus silage stabiliser combats yeast and moulds , retains crude protein and improves metabolisable energy (ME)'s by 1 Mj/kg dry matter. Optimize came top for stability in the Kingshay silage trials.

'SlurryBugs' and 'SlurryBooster System' offer a solution to costly fertiliser requirements. The bacterial & micronutrient specialist treatment trebles nitrogen retention , reduces CO2 levels emitted into the environment and helps prevent fibrous crusting and foul odours in slurry tanks, channels and lagoons .

The 'IP Probiotic Cleaning' product range works with nature to improve hygiene and cleanliness reducing pathogenic infection such as digital dermitis and mastitis.

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